And Then There Were Three!

Margaret2We are excited to announce that Focus Bodywork has added another amazing therapist to its team!  Welcome Margaret Madsen.

Margarets childhood fascination of the natural world led her to earn a graduate degree in vertebrate paleontology.  After ten plus years working with fossils, Margaret looked to work with bones in motion and eagerly completed her national certification as a massage therapist in 2011.

Applying her unique understanding of anatomy to the quirks of the human body is one of Margaret’s strengths.  She incorporates orthopedic massage and deep tissue techniques to her sports massage therapy session, and recommends exercises based on her experience as a yoga instructor.  She also practices cranial sacral therapy, and when appropriate, incorporates this light tough modality into her work.

Margaret loves to hike in the Wasatch Mountains and keeping up with the real athlete of the family – her dog.  She can talk for hours about all aspects of food and freely admits her favorite hobby is puttering about the house and yard.

With the addition of Margaret, we will be better able to meet the needs of our clients.  We will have:

* Last minute sessions available weekly for those unforeseen massage emergencies such as the inevitable hamstring tension that develops the week before a big race

*Friday appointments

*Referral networks between several sports medicine doctors and physical therapists

*Community classes on self-massage, sports injury physiology and “anatomy for athletes”

We invite you to experience the excellent clinical work Margaret has to share.  As she grows her clientele we are offering a $55 introductory rate for a sixty minute massage therapy session with Margaret.  Call or text us to set up your appointment (801) 359-5149

By Emma Maaranen

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