Hello, Goodbye!

Or is that goodbye, hello again?

Emma to BendMy news is bittersweet; I am relocating to Bend, OR. I am so excited for this new adventure, but it is very hard to leave the community here. When I started Focus Bodywork thirteen years ago, my dream felt like a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. I am in awe today that Focus Bodywork has exceeded my vision and provided the medium for me to develop into the therapist I am proud to be. I cannot thank each of you enough for trusting me, it has been a privilege. I leave you in the best hands I know, Margaret. – Emma

Hi! I’m Margaret Madsen – perhaps we’ve met in passing when you’ve come in for a treatment with Emma or Shannon in the past year and a half? Or when we’ve worked together directly? Maybe it was getting that rotator cuff functioning so you could do downward dog, or keeping your elbows happy so you could keep sending those hard routes, or was it sleuthing out the crazy-cool rotation of your torso that was leading to back pain? Whatever soft tissue restrictions have been keeping you from fully doing the activities you love, I am still here to help!

Mentoring with Emma has been a truly amazing professional opportunity. Being a part of Focus Bodywork has fostered my innate skills and knowledge while providing countless examples of how to push the envelope in providing the best care possible. Thus it is a great honor to announce I am taking on the role of owner of Focus Bodywork. I am sorry to see Emma go (I haven’t finished picking her brain yet!) but I am comfortable and ready to carry on the same high level care and customer service for which the business is known.

Shannon will continue providing her excellent care on her new-Mom based schedule. A few changes you can expect to see in April are a new location (a smaller treatment space) and, to reflect my professional growth, my rate will be $70/hr. Scheduling will stay the same, with the same phone number and online service – only now I’ll be the one answering the phone and responding to emails!

Goodbye for now, looking forward to our next hello (again)!

1 thought on “Hello, Goodbye!

  1. Emma, i wish you the best adventure ever! Bend is such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for your help. Margaret! hello! I need a visit w you. Cheers

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