At Focus Bodywork we specialize in addressing the therapeutic needs of all athletes.  From weekend warriors to professional athletes, we can aid in training, injury prevention and recovery.  Nothing froofy here!  Our clients typically have one or more of the following needs:

The Athlete in Training

We help speed recovery from big days so you can stay in training (or just walk through the grocery store.)

We monitor “problem areas” and make you aware of muscle imbalances that may hinder you from reaching your goals.

We make subtle structural changes to make you better, stronger, and faster!

The Injured Athlete

Unfortunately this does happen to all of us now and then.  We will help these misfortunes be a thing of the past.

Chronic/Structural Injuries

These are the nagging issues such as bicep tendonitis that hinder you from sending that climbing project or a hamstring strain that complains when biking a 12% hill, no matter how much rest you give it.

These injuries have a nasty tendency to be rooted in poor posture, poor movement habits or lingering effects from old injuries that didn’t heal all the way.

We will address the injury AND we will sleuth the source of the injury so this heals once and for all.

Traumatic Injuries

These are the biggies: the torn ACL from a “yard sale” ski fall at Alta or the third degree ankle sprain from running down Rattlesnake Gulch at twilight.

We work with your medical team (orthopedist, physical therapist, sports medicine doctor, etc.) to enhance your healing.

We will release bound muscle tissue, mobilize taught fascia, and help organize scar tissue.


Let’s face it, injured tissue is quite painful; we can make it less so!

Our goal is to get you healthy and never see you again!  This may be a poor business model, but we hope that you will have such a positive experience with us that when your training partner is sidelined by injury, you will refer them to us!

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