Here at Focus Bodywork we work closely with all those people involved in your health and well-being. We work to optimize your care by coordinating with your orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, fitness coach, acupuncturist, and other health care professionals. Working as a team gives you the advantage!

Here are some folks we partner with regularly:

Grassroots Physical Therapy

At Grassroots we are dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality and effective physical therapy and Nutritional Therapy to our Wasatch Front community.

Our mission is simple: to provide exceptional care while being respectful of people’s time and money. This is achieved by providing clients with an accurate mechanical diagnosis, individualized treatment and by being efficient with clinic visits.

We advocate for an active recovery and return clients to doing what they love as soon as possible.


Located in the Marmalade district just north of downtown Salt Lake City, En Route Movement is a Pilates, the GYROTONIC® method & Yoga studio. Founded from a passion for Pilates and personal injury rehabilitation, En Route Movement is pleased to take your running, skiing, cycling, hiking, climbing and all around life beyond your expectations. With warm brick walls and vaulted windows, En Route Movement provides an inviting space for clients to strengthen, stretch and relax. With emphasis on learning biomechanics and how to truly move one’s body, clients enjoy increased ease of all movement.



Flow Acupuncture understands how important your passions and hobbies are to your overall health and well-being.

We specialize in performing arts medicine and sports medicine to provide outstanding & individualized care to ensure your injuries or health concerns won’t slow you down or keep you from doing what you love.

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