I Love Being Called This, But It Gives Me Big Shoes To Fill…

By Emma Maaranen

“The Leg Whisperer”

In this blog post (click on the blue link above) are some very kind words from Jay Aldos, a gifted ultra runner and Focus Bodywork client about how sports massage has become an essential part of his training. Thank you Jay!

PS – Jay went on to win the Zion 100 last weekend.

Congratulations Jay!

By Emma Maaranen

This past Saturday, Dec. 17 Jay Aldos broke the 100 mile World Record for Men age 50-54.  At the Desert Solstice Ultra Marathon Invitationals Jay ran 100 miles in 13:52:29 – that is an average pace of 8:19 per mile.  My feet hurt just thinking about that.  Read Jay’s report about the race, his training strategy for this unique event and how reflecting on the support of his friends and family helped him push through physical and mental fatigue.